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New Alliance Effort to Preserve the El Rey Theater

New Alliance Effort to Preserve the El Rey Theater

We are excited to inform you that a new group of dedicated individuals has come together to continue the work of the El Rey Theater Alliance and revive our beloved El Rey Theater.

Our mission is to ensure that the El Rey Theater remains open, that its historic murals are restored to their former glory, and that the entire building is brought up to modern code standards. This includes restoring the theater to full working order while preserving its historical integrity.

The team is moving forward with plans to raise the necessary funds to purchase the theater and undertake the restoration. We are dedicated to preserving its unique charm and historical significance while making it a safe and enjoyable place for all.

Throughout its history, the El Rey Theater has been a specialty cinema house and live performance venue, hosting a variety of events ranging from live music and comedy shows to public speakers and movie screenings. It is renowned for its beautiful murals and unique architecture, representing an era of elegance and artistic expression that we are committed to preserving.

The El Rey Theater has a long and rich history reaching back to 1906. Originally commissioned by the Chico Elks Lodge as the Majestic Theatre, it has been a central part of our community’s cultural life for over a century. The theater has gone by several names over the years, including The National and The American, before finally becoming The El Rey in 1948.

More information will be shared soon, including ways you can support our efforts. We invite everyone who loves the El Rey Theater and believes in our mission to join us in this exciting journey.

For any questions or to get involved, please email us at info@elreychico.org.

Together, we can ensure that the El Rey Theater remains a cherished part of our community for generations to come.

About Us

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About Us

The El Rey Theater Alliance is a non-profit 501(c)(3), public foundation formed in 2016 with the mission of purchasing, rehabilitating, and operating the El Rey Theater. The El Rey Theater Alliance also maintains a foundation of giving for local and regional film and performance education.
The El Rey has been a working entertainment venue since being built in 1906. Known as The Majestic, it has survived 2 world wars, the industrial revolution, a horrific fire that gutted the building in 1947 (rumor is the owner stood outside and watched the flames, claiming to all those next to him, “We shall rebuild!”) and then rose like the Phoenix from those flames to become the El Rey. This grand old theater is going to be gone unless we save her.