Some Great News

by Scott Brown 2 Comments

More details to come later, but suffice to say….it looks as if the El Rey will remain a live performance/event theater according to the new owners. I had the opportunity to meet one of the new owners this afternoon and got to see their initial interior renovations. They seem very passionate about keeping it a theater and are hoping that the community can rally behind their enthusiasm to make the El Rey a centerpiece of our downtown community.

ERTA will continue to work with them to be sure it remains a vibrant, accessible and economically sustainable part of the community.

More to come…..

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  • Great news, Scott! Congrats on all of your work so far, I know there is still more work ahead, but great to have an owner who is at least saying the right things!

  • Dolly Lamaze

    HaHEY! You know that Pedal Press would love to do a Save the El Rey patch/shirt…I want to help with this great effort!

    I also recommend getting in touch with Miles (Pageant, Blackbird owner) and Molly (Blackbird) if you want to do another fundraiser or signal-boost ERTA’s work.